Vinterströssel LP

(Ikuisuus/Karkia Mistika/Kauriala Society) 11/2013

Taco Bells has been playing their own music since 2006 and mostly with various friends as addition to the trio. Also the previous LP Vadelma / Hawaii (Ikuisuus 2009) came up from the first meeting of the Finnish master Pekko Käppi and Taco Bells in Helsinki 2007. Taco Bells doesn't play too much at private rehearsal places for themselves. Usually there's always at least tiny audience following the situation. Galleries, tours, weddings, bars, cellars… Recordings of Vinterströssel were made in a tiny and cosy studio January 2012 in Hämeenlinna. The trio, instruments and the studio wizard Vilmunen were the only ones present. There weren't too much of chatting during those two days. Everyone were so excited about this rare moment and just allowing the music to happen as mr. Peacock once guided.

The music of Taco Bells is usually called as Free jazz. They have played about 40 concerts and released one LP and small pile of tapes before Vinterströssel LP. All the musicians are also playing in various different groups: Mohel, Rauhan Orkesteri, Lau Nau, Hockey Night, Jooklo Finnish Quartet, Nunnauuni, J.Tolvi...

More "info": darkjazzz.tumblr.com

There's three fine Finnish labels behind of the release:
Ikuisuus: www.ikuisuus.net
Karkia Mistika Records: www.hahmot.net/karkiamistika
Kauriala Society: www.kauriala-society.blogspot.fi

Please, feel free to ask more details if needed: sami.pekkola(a)gmail.com

Side A
Hans J.E. Pörhö (5:42)
Kolme kuppia (4:14)
Lammas ja vuohi (9:18

Side B
Vinterströssel (6:32)
Malmin kultahammas (8:16)
Silver (6:24)

Tero Kemppainen: double bass
Sami Pekkola: saxophones
Jaakko Tolvi: drums

Recorded January 11.-12. 2012 at t. in Hämeenlinna by Teemu Vilmunen
Mixed and mastered by Pentti Dassum
Artwork by Mikko Myöhänen
Thanks to Henrik Iivari