Välikäsi LP

(Karkia Mistika/Tuska&Ahdistus)

Release date: January 18th

>>press photo
>>press photo (Ville Angervuori)

Sokea Piste have been at it since 2008 and have previously released one 7" and one 12", which were favorably received in the punk scene and beyond. Comparisons to a wide variety of bands on the noisier and gloomier side of punk have been thrown around to describe their sound, though as per usual all this is better taken with a grain of salt. With their new album "Välikäsi" they have dropped the pace a notch or two while retaining their energy and intensity levels. The lyrics remain depressingly accurate snapshots of a sick world we live in, where free market capitalism reigns supreme at the cost of immense human suffering, mass marketed goods and ideals, loss of individuality and brutal competition.
CD version out on Ektro Records.


Sokea Piste: Välikäsi LP (Karkia Mistika/Tuska&Ahdistus) 2013
Sokea Piste: Välikäsi CD (Ektro Records) 2013
Sokea Piste: Ajatus karkaa LP (2nd) (Karkia Mistika/Mouse (JPN), Truj?ca Fala (POL) 2012
Sokea Piste: Ajatus karkaa LP (Karkia Mistika/Kämäset levyt/Tuska&Ahdistus) 2011
Sokea Piste: Oire 7" (Peterwalkee Records USA) 2011