Ajatus karkaa 12"  (2nd edition)

(Karkia Mistika FIN / Truj
aca Fala POL / Mouse JPN) 2012

>>press photo
>>press photo (Ville Angervuori)

Sokea Piste may be a newcomer in the Finnish punk/noise rock/underground/whatever scene, but it's members are no greenhorns when it comes to creating noisy, crusty and uncompromising soundscapes.

As the cover art already reveals, this 20 minutes of paranoid desolace
delves into the darker sides of the human mind. It's not too often you
stumble across an album this concentrated on the inside of the mind.
Surely many punks have been shouting out their anger to the world for
many years, but Ajatus karkaa wants to find out the problems and the
solutions from the inside. Naturally those problems are caused by the
outside world, which – according to the manic shouting of Heikki – is
going towards a dead end. It's a world in a peculiarly grotesque state, where both the economy and the breadlines are growing. No wonder your mind starts to tear itself apart. Album contains lyrics translated to english for easier follow up.

Ajatus karkaa is an excellent follow up to the chaotic paranoia of the
Oire 7” EP, released in 2011 by Peterwalkee Records. Albeit being most
certainly related to more or less punkish roots, the bizarre charm in
the band's performance is it's mesmerizing originality. You can't really pogo to this along with the hardcore punks, yet the complexity of Seppo's bass and Jukka's drum lines are still far away from the jazzyness of acts like NoMeansNo. Maybe if The Jesus Lizard would've tuned their guitars like Thurston Moore and added some cocktails of mental medicine, the cool melancholia of the Finnish personality and... Motörhead? Hard to tell, go find out for yourself.

You may remember some of its members from the hc-punk collective
Kyklooppien sukupuutto or the No Wave of Finnish Folk Music behemoth Kuollut muisto. And just like these names, also Sokea Piste leaves no ”blind spots” (as their name says) in their debut album, when it let's their thoughts run away (as the album title says) in the dark abyss of loud guitar walls by Heikki and Juhana and sometimes even gothic or
industrial tones.

Chilly, cruel, chaotic, crusty. But oh so cathartic!

Mikael Mattila, Tampere, Februray 20th 2012

The record is released in march 2012 in EU, Japan and USA by

Karkia Mistika Records, Finland ///
aca Fala, Poland  ///
Mouse, Japan ///
Peterwalkee records, USA ///

You can see there a true underground co-operation.