Where Baby Sweetcorn finally re-invent themselves as a band and sound like one too. New Low is the embodiment of couple of years’ rehearsals searching for a direction, playing and arranging songs. The usual stuff; getting those drum fills just right, making that piano line more effective etc. The aim being at less three-heads-clashing but more three-minds-uniting, and occasionally succeeding in that too. This may all sound a little self-evident but… we’re talking about Baby Sweetcorn here. The threepiece that nowadays make up the band have only existed for past three years. On the previous records there were "just" friends - coming and going.

So what’s inside then? Melancholy piano rock played with imaginary fists in the air. There isn’t a one single theme binding the individual songs together. There are many. What those themes are - well, no easy answers this time. You have to listen and do the interpretation yourself. Yours is as good as ours. And yes - Arsonist is a metaphor.

1. Navigators
2. Winning Horse
3. Already In Love
4. Marble Arch
5. Sepia
6. Arsonist
7. New Low
8. Marya Zaleska
9. Sleep With The Lights On

All songs written by Mikko Grönlund.
Performed and arranged by Baby Sweetcorn.
Featuring Jyrki Laiho: lap steel (3) and Timo Nordlund: guitars (1,3,4,5,9).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aki Peltonen at Sound Doctor Studio, Pori, 2005-2006.
Produced by Baby Sweetcorn with Aki Peltonen.

Cover photograph: Mikko Grönlund.
Band photography: Kim Tapper.
Cover design: BSC


Baby Sweetcorn is Eetu Elohaka, Mikko Grönlund and Jere Laiho.

C&P Karkia Mistika Records 2006