Scorching improv guitar noise with one of Finland's premiere young
poets. Featuring members or ex-members of Stalwart, Lee Miller, Klaus,
Circle, Mieskuoro Huutajat, Ektroverde and Kuusumun Profeetta.
One of the problems with improvised noise is the genre's frequent lack
of tactility, technique and sex appeal. Fortunately, Hotguitars, a duo
from Pori and Helsinki, Finland, solve this dilemma by bulking up
their harsh, freeform sounds with the kind of physicality and emotion
found in structured rock'n'roll. Furthermore, with the addition of
poet and vocalist Santtu Puukka, the pair's violent rackets and
lovely, textural washes now feature a cool frontman whose timing and
phrasings turn pure audio mayhem into sermons from some alternate

Hotguitars began as a joke in 2003. Jyrki Laiho and T-mu Korpipää had
initially met in the late '90s, when they served respectively as
guitarist and soundman for Finland's famed hypno-rock ensemble,
Circle. But with the 2004 release of the CDR Duets, Duels and D.I.Y.'s
(on Kevyt Nostalgia, a label known for works by Circle and Kemialliset
Ystävät) plus the killer follow-up CD Confessions (on BV2 Produktions,
the successor to the historic Bad Vugum), the project became worth
taking seriously. Most of the music—invented on the spot, then
manipulated on a computer—features two loud electric or acoustic
guitars, which are liable to explode into screaming, distorted miasmas or to blur together in an ethereal fog with the help of Korpipää's laptop and the pulse of old-school electro-beats.

These antics are the ideal foil for Santtu Puukka, the singer from the
band Klaus and a wordsmith whose two books have reaped much acclaim in the Finnish underground literary scene. While his gruff delivery and surreal worldview invite comparisons to Radiopuhelimet's J.A. Mäki or Keuhkot's Kake Puhuu, his style is very much his own despite some surface-level similarities. Even non-Finnish speakers can dig the way he chews a vowel and gives an almost punk shape to Hotguitars' glorious mess.

Issued by Laiho's Karkia Mistika imprint, Hierarkia is a mellower step
forward for everyone involved. No longer the sole center of attention,
Hotguitars get to relax while Puukka tries to tame their avant-garde
lunacy. Who wins? Who cares. This rules.

Jyrki Laiho currently plays with Pori noise rockers Stalwart and with
the Finnish-American power trio Lee Miller. He used to be in Circle,
Ektroverde and Kuusumun Profeetta.

Santtu Puukka sings for Klaus and yelled in the famous shouting choir
Mieskuoro Huutajat. His latest book of poetry is entitled

T-mu Korpipää is a soundman and recording engineer to the stars.

by Jordan N. Mamone

1. Resistentti olotila
2. Kompositio
3. Kaihovaara
4. Sitä itseään
5. Kolikon puolia
6. Lähden taas
7. Konsensus
8. Etabloy
9. Rienaa
10. Raivari
11. Vieraskorea
12. Revinnäinen
13. Sikala
14. Puolustuksen puheenvuoro
(Total 41:14)

T-mu Korpipää : laptopmayhem, guitar, beats, etc.
Jyrki Laiho : guitar, metal mandolin
Santtu Puukka : poems & chanting

Recorded, mixed and mastered by T-mu between 2004 - 2005
track x previously released on 'Jyrock-rehearsals' - CDr 2004
Cover art Mikko Myöhänen, Janne Westerlund
Layout Mikko Myöhänen

A book of poems by Santtu Puukka : Nuorallatanssia (Savukeidas Kustannus) available (

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