Karkia Mistika Records (karmi-057) / Musapojat (MUP-009)
out June 1st 2015

Finnish free jazz veteran Erkki Joutseno has been delivering rumbling beats and an unhinged attitude since the 70's in various line-ups and style variations, but always coming across with a method to his madness. Discipline and humor meet in his music as they do in his life. This second album consists of duo improvisations, recorded in late 2014 at Eki's Mad House Studio in Kiikala, Finland. The previous album "Relaxing At Tervalampi" came out in 2011 on vinyl and a second pressing in 2014 on CD.

Erkki Joutseno has played with Alan Silva, Riko Goto, Tapani Varis, travelled across Europe, played on stages and street corners and nowadays lives amidst nature in a small forest house. The improvised music on this album reflects the moods of a life outside of the norm.

The personnel involved includes players from finnish underground powerjazz long-liners Sound & Fury, Astro Can Caravan and Riko Goto Trio.

Erkki Joutseno: Drums, Percussion, Piano, Clarinet
Tapani Varis: Flute, Ocarina, Baritone Sax (2, 5, 8)
Matti Riikonen: Trumpet (4, 7)
Riko Goto: Piano (3, 6)
Jari Hongisto: Trombone (1, 9)

Track list:
1. Clean Water (4:10)
2. Now Try This (4:37)
3. The Mirror Dream (6:52)
4. Alongside Three (4:23)
5. Toing-And-Froing (6:15)
6. Gonglike Phrase (6:59)
7. Octopus Summer (4:07)
8. Flowing Sand (5:54)
9. Clean Water Revisited (3:07)

Total Time 46:26

Recorded During Autumn 2014 At Mad House Studio, Kiikala, Finland
Assembled At Arkisto, Jan-Feb 2015
Artwork By Pablo Traina, Winter 2014
Layout Works By Maikki Kantola