(Karkia Mistika Records)
(karmi-049) release date 1.8.2014

I Chamber 7:45
II Apotheosis 7:59
III Consecration 7:00
IV Fraternity 7:22

Aki Peltonen - Accordion
Petri Hissa - Drums
Jouni Hokkanen - Bass
Timo Sirén - Strings
Mika Rättö, Jussi Lehtisalo - Choir

Composed and arranged by Aki Peltonen
Lyrics in Meronian language by Jussi Lehtisalo
Recorded and mixed at Musiikkihuone
Mastered by Toni Randell
Photos by Jyrki Heloaho
Cover design by Topi Peltonen



Aki Peltonen, one of the unsung heroes of the Pori music scene returns with a genre-defying solo album. Best known for his producing and mixing skills with Circle, Kuusumun Profeetta, Plain Ride, Jussi Hakulinen, etc. 'Armor, Gravil, Fernum' CD is a successor to Radio Banana, which was released 2005 by ReR Megacorp label run by Chris Cutler (The Art Bears, Henry Cow, Pere Ubu).
Written and arranged by Aki, featuring his masterful accordion as a soloist, choir is delivered by Jussi Lehtisalo and Mika Rättö as they provide the vocals in Meronian language. Timo Siren from the local Sinfonietta symphony orchestra handles the stringed parts and masterful rhythm section features Jouni Hokkanen on double bass and Petri Hissa on drums.